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security solutions


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Lutz Langerwisch


+49 30 - 29 34 85 0

Our solutions protect your network and your data against unrequested trespassers.

Generally security means confidentiality and integrity of data. Due to the fact that using Internet is more and more important there are increasing demands of data security.

Network security is in times with growing computer crime rates permanent present and belongs to those matters in IT which attract most attention in your company.

As systems house we offer revised solutions:

  • Development complete:
  • Security concepts
  • Components of security Services
  • Specific to your business network
  • Feature enough reserves for further problems

We offer customised solutions such as desktop firewall in your stand alone company PC or Open-source solutions in small workgroups or ISCA certificated hardware firewall.

Because complex matters like security in IT need an adequate way of personal call, we would very pleased to make a scheduled appointment with you!

GnatBox Firewall Systems

Scalable GnatBOX (GTA) Firewalls offer optimum Performance for any Network.


Open-Source Firewall to install on usual in trade PC

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