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Management software and telematics solutions for planning, accomplishment and billing of railroad transport service

The software is built modular and contains those components:
  • Personal and vehicles
  • Management and scheduling
  • Mobile data acquisition
  • Operational monitoring and controlling
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RailDISPO - leading edge with telematics

RailDISPO - customer-oriented solution
  • Efficient, flexibly applicable, inexpensive
  • Optimal adaptability to procedures in the railway transport enterprise
  • Business intelligence according to customer needs

RailDISPO - networked operations
  • Interacting modules
  • Clearly structured processes
  • Constant data exchange with all employees

RailDISPO - technologically trailblazing
  • Application of modern, reliable software technologies
  • Use of Internet and Intranet as communication channel
  • Support of different state-of-the-art mobile terminal devices
  • Application of RFID technology

RailDISPO is a joint development in cooperation with MIB Ingenieurgesellschaft für Verkehrssysteme mbH, partially funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi).

For more detailed information, please download our pdf brochure.


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