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Founded in 1990

  ASCI Systemhaus GmbH
                                        Alt-Friedrichsfelde 5 A  10315 Berlin  DEUTSCHLAND

Typical traffic applications are in the center of the development work from ASCI system house. The aim is to create innovative, flexible solutions to ecological and economical operation of buses and trains in the public transport (PT). Under the aspect of the enormous increases in energy prices are new scientific and technical solutions explored to despite increased user requirements for the transport process in terms performance, quality, timeliness and reliability to provide the requested services while lowering energy consumption. ASCI system house works together in close cooperation with scientific institutions, cooperation and practice partners.

For us, the customer is the focus of our work. By means an exactly analysis of needs, we develop trust and constructive cooperation tailor-made solutions for our customers. The use of the agile development process allows us to respond quickly to changes (requirements, boundary conditions, problem areas). So it is a successful implementation of enterprise-wide applications and a simple expansion guaranteed. For customers, this results in a high utility value and a very short ROI. Our comprehensive service approach incorporates customer long term instrumental in the company and increased customer satisfaction.

Main business activities:
  • Research and development services for transport enterprises
  • Software products and mobile solutions for buses and trains
  • Design and installation of document management solutions
  • Security technologies
  • Consulting and services

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Our Products establish Connections, our Solutions overcome Obstacles.

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