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    • Document Management - The path to efficiency

      Electronic exchange of invoices - to effect an economy potential


      Reduction of red tape by switching to electronic invoicing
      - Electronic processing of e-mail accounts
      - Quick check on automatic workflow funktions
      - Make approval processes with electronic stamps
      - Internal control procedures for authenticity and integrity
      - Legally compliant archiving


      Creation of structured and electronically actionable processes for the processing of incoming invoices Financial Accounting
      Drastic reduction of turnaround times of the documents
      Compliance of discount periods
      Reduction of paper archives


      Target group: Managers from small and medium-sized businesses

        The next event will take place on 18.03.2020.


      Systemhaus GmbH, Seddiner Str. 5, 10315 Berlin

      Registration:   by telephone +49 30 29 34 85 0
                          by e
      -mail: info[at]

      Participation fee:  for free

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