High availability

& network infrastructure


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Uninterruptible allocation, protection and retrieval of essential data and information due to reasonable backup strategies and installation and attendance of heterogeneous net worlds

High availability

If a component of a system fails, it could advance to serious consequences. With the software XOSoft™ Wansysnc of our partner CA™ simple and also complex scenarios to allocate and reflect data bases can be realized across several locations.

Network Infrastructure

Continuous growing requests as well as increasing part of special and sectoral software produce more heterogeneous networks.

Adjoining chart shows exemplarily one of our projects of integration. To amplify, just click!

Our specialists connect different infrastructures, ensure data exchange and availability and support you in using new requirements efficient.

In activity of data security and threat management we are focused on software solutions of our partner CA. Security products of CA are used on any platform in extensive projects as well as in complex network scenarios.

heterogenes Netz

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