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terminal work

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Cost efficent and central data management and application using

  • Warranty of fast, flexible and resources-saving connection of
  • Field staff
  • Home-offices
  • Location via Internet
  • Centralized installation of business critical applications
  • With increasing your security level the administration effort will fall
  • Simple, intuitive usage of Client-Software because of your habitual windows surface
  • Trainings and incorporation time are not necessary

Heterogeneous Infrastructure

Microsoft Terminal Services are outgoing!

Microsoft Windows Terminal Services are simple and fast integrated in heterogeneous networks. Basis is Windows 2000/2003 server which allocates integrated terminal services.

Client software is available for many current operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS to use Windows Terminal Server in comfortable matter.

Terminal Services enable cost-efficient using of infrastructure for small and medium-sized companies. Using of free Linux derivatives on particular workstations and central using of applications which can only started invariably with Microsoft Windows is possible.

We are glad to support you to choose adequate scenario for your business. Adequate analysis of existing hardware and software components, requirement profiles, planning of migration as well as consolidation of IT infrastructure are only summaries our services to support you as needed.

Migration to Terminal Services

We support you in implementing your business applications on terminal mode!
As systems house evaluation and implementation of specific business software is our day-to-day business.

We support you in consolidation of your used software and make a proof of utilisability of using it on terminal server. As a result of longtime experience, won by cooperation with small and medium-sized companies of different business units, we know a multiplicity of problems which can arise from using of individual software in terminal mode and we offer solutions which enable an efficient mode.

In this combination we will take after an agreement communication with manufacturer of software to ensure an optimal functioning of your application.

Group of account policy, security, integration in existing network, administration of user and licensing, this are term which play an important rule in associate with Windows Terminal Services - we will be glad to support you!

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